What is the difference between Transactional, Promotional SMS and SendOTP route?


Transactional VS. Promotional

Following are the listed differences between Transactional and Promotional routes:



1. These can be used for sending any type of information. Ex. OTP, Bank Transactions etc.

1. These are specifically used for marketing purposes. Ex. Sale, offers etc.

2. Transactional SMS can be sent any time

2. Promotional SMS are sent between 9 am to 9 pm only

3. SMS can be sent on DND numbers

3. SMS cannot be sent on DND numbers

4. In API route=4

4. In API route=1

There is one more route(SendOTP route) which is for SendOTP, if you are looking for OTP services, we would suggest you to opt for sendOTP because it has various advantages over the traditional transactional route:

  1. Voice backup for failed SMS OTPs, on our cost.

  2. We generate the OTP on your behalf, we send and we verify. You just have to call the APIs.

  3. The back-end algorithm makes sure that the OTP is processed from our end in less than half-a-second.